Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between an Interpreter and a Translator?

An Interpreter will provide spoken communication between two or more languages. A Translator will provide written communication between two or more languages.

Why use a professional Interpreter or Translator instead of a family member or friend?

Quality Interpretation requires a great deal of skill, and being a successful Interpreter requires much more than speaking two languages. A professionally trained Interpreter develops a special skill set to facilitate effective, unbiased, communication where clarity and accuracy are essential and in some cases a matter of life and death.

Do you provide in person or phone interpreting?

We provide both in person and/or phone interpreting. Our preference is always in person when practical as it insures the highest level of accuracy and best overall experience.

What is your service area?

We service the Denver Metro area and it's surrounding regions including as North as Fort Collins, as South as Pueblo, and as West as Grand Junction.

How many hours of Tutoring do you typically provide?

We provide a custom tutoring program based on the needs of the individual and the target date set for taking the final G.E.D. test in each of the four subjects.


How are your community transition services structured?

Our community transition services are structured on a level system of: 

Low (5 hours/month), Medium (9 hours/month), and High (13 hours/month).

How do we request and schedule your services?

You may request our services either by submitting a referral through the DYS Provider network portal, submitting an on-line request below, or giving us a call directly at 484-706-2089. Once your request is approved, we will schedule our services on a date and time that's convenient for all parties involved.