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#90DayTo1K Giving Back!

InterSys, LLC launched its scholarship campaign in October 2021. On October 1st, 2021, Johnny Romero, Owner/Principal, CMI Spanish began an organic social campaign to raise awareness for language access to better serve the limited English proficiency community: #90DayTo1K Launch The goal was to reach 1000 followers on LinkedIn, Instagram, and our YouTube channel in 90 days without paid advertisement in order to pay it forward to a deserving individual. In recognition of the amazing support by our ever-growing InterSys community that now reaches across the globe, we have decided to follow through with our commitment.

We look forward to providing more scholarships in the years ahead to individuals who are interested in supporting their community through professional training as a medical interpreter. We plan to offer at least one scholarship each year to cover the tuition cost for our Bridging the Gap course. Applicants can apply and select the training that they wish to attend. InterSys will host monthly courses. Go to our Bridging the Gap page to learn more about the course and upcoming trainings.

Program Partnerships

A big thanks to the Spring Institute of Denver for their support of our #90DayTo1K scholarship campaign! The Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning is a nationally recognized provider of effective intercultural learning programs and services.



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About The Scholarship 

The Bridging the Gap (BTG) course trains bilingual/multilingual individuals to work as medical interpreters in hospitals, clinics, and other health care settings. InterSys, LLC (InterSys) will award one scholarship for the 40-hour course each year. The scholarship will cover the full tuition cost of the course for the recipient.

This scholarship will be awarded to one individual who demonstrates why having a trained medical interpreter will benefit their community and how they plan to use this class to improve the quality of care for patients with limited English proficiency. The individual who is awarded this scholarship and attends the Bridging the Gap course will be highlighted in our organization’s social media pages, and website. Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a certificate of successful completion.

Please note that each applicant is eligible to receive only one scholarship.


For questions about the scholarship or application process, please contact us via email at

Applicant Requirements/Materials

To apply for the Bridging the Gap scholarship, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Scholarship applicants must also provide language proficiency in English and the language they plan to interpret for. Applicants who are not able to provide proof of language proficiency in one of their languages can request a language assessment to be scheduled by InterSys, LLC. If an applicant is awarded the scholarship and does not have proof of language proficiency or does not pass their proficiency test, InterSys reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship awarded to that individual.

Proof of proficiency can be copies of any one of the following documents: High school diploma or equivalent, or university/college degree from a school using the assessed language(s); 5 or more years of verified professional experience working in the language(s) being assessed; State or federal court interpreter certification; Oral language exam results with scores equivalent to ACTFL Advanced Mid-level or ILR Level 2.

You will be prompted to submit the following materials in this application:

  1. A completed scholarship application

  2. An updated copy of your resume 

  3. A 3-5 min video recording (details provided in section VI)

  4. Proof of high school graduation or college/university graduation

  5. Proof of language proficiency in English

  6. Proof of language proficiency in the language you interpret

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