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Welcome to our channel! Tuned In is brought to you by InterSys, LLC and shares cultural, language and small business tips for your success as a business owner and entrepreneur.


Are you “tuned in?” Tune in to the latest updates on cultural competence, language and small business success on Tuned In, featuring Johnny Romero and guests as they discuss these and many other topics. #2021businesssuccess #bestoftips #betunedin

Invest in Quality

As a business owner, are you investing in quality? In this episode, we talk with small business owner Jesus "Chuy" Dorado of Le Nettoyage, LLC @lenettoyagellc.

Tuned In Episode #1 Invest in QualityTuned In
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The 3 P's
of Success

Learn the 3 key elements of business success for entrepreneurs and small businesses owners with and how you can provide services that benefit your clients plus enhance your bottomline.

The 3 P’s of SuccessTuned In
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Delivering Happy Service

Join us as we continue our interview with Le Nettoyage, LLC and discuss why delivering a service you and your clients can be happy brings ultimate success to you as a small business owner.

Tuned In Episode #2 Delivering Happy ServiceTuned In
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Where is Your Business Taking You?

Today we'll continue our third piece with Le Nettoyage, LLC discussing what is takes to make a niche business work for you and deliver best to your clients.

Tuned In Episode #3 Where is Your Business Taking YouTuned In
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What is Cheap Can End Up Expensive

See how cheap could actually end up expensive as we share a recent experience between our professional interpretation client and their customer.

What is Cheap can end up being ExpensiveTuned In
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Interview with Tamas Farkas, CCHCP

Listen as we interview Tamas Farkas, Language Access Programs Director with CCHCP.

Tuned In Episode #4 Interview with Tamas Farkas, CCHCPTuned In
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How Strong Is Your Passion?

As an entrepreneur how does passion play a large part in your successful journey? How can you keep it alive despite disappointments and changes? Listen now.

How Strong is Your PassionTuned In
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Bonus Track
Note to Self:
Never Stop Breathing

Join Johnny on this podcast and learn why is it so important to keep going but also to stop and breathe when you need to and then proceed.

Note to Self_ Never Stop Breathing!Tuned In
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