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The 3 P's of Success

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

As I look forward to 2021, I think the key elements for any successful business lies in the ability to execute the three main P's: People, Product, and Process.

Why Your People Matter

People. I have some of the most passionate, reliable individuals in the industry that adhere to the highest code of conduct in ethics, and in short, they treat others the way they would want to be treated. In my opinion, I don't think you could run a business any differently. I feel our team of professionals can easily be put up against any one of the largest companies in the industry. That being said, I'm not looking to be the biggest, I just want to be the best. And what that means is delivering a service that allows every individual client to feel like they're our only client and that they have the same experience that someone who is in the corporate or government space receives from us. No difference. Unbiased treatment and receiving a service that adds value to their life.

It's that value and trust that has those same clients not just coming back, but referring their friends and family to us because they trust us and they know that we set a high bar.

Provide a Solid Product

Product. In our case, services. It's very rewarding when you can provide a service that not just adds value to somebody's life but it empowers them and it serves the underserved. We are the voice of those who, regardless of language, need to understand and be understood. That's why our professional interpreters add nothing, omit nothing, and change nothing. They bridge the gap and are true conduits to understanding.

Our services are intertwined with our active culture of continued personal development which includes learning and sharing best practices with our counterparts in the industry and that carries over and is reflected in our professional medical interpreter training as well as our education support services via GED tutoring. The result of all of this is an invaluable service for our Limited English Proficiency (LEP) clients that allows them to make an educated and informed decision while protecting their privacy and respecting their autonomy. By helping our clients reach their goal of obtaining their GED, we open a door to them to be able to start a new career path, provide for their family, and give back to the community, all of which is very fulfilling and satisfying.

Create A Process You're Proud Of

Process. I get excited talking about it because we have a secure, paperless model where our customers can go online via our website,, and view our service offering, make a request and submit a secure payment via the web or their mobile device. Reducing our carbon footprint is something I'm very proud of and I'm thrilled about increasing our online visibility and presence by optimizing our use of Facebook, Linkedin, offering free tips, advice, experiences to the public, and creating new partnerships that continue to give back to the communities where we serve. It's this circular process that builds a synergy between our professionals, our clients, and the community, and it continues to grow organically and builds momentum while still being able to make adjustments as needed during an ever changing landscape that’s been impacted by a pandemic and staying current with the needs and standards of our industry.

Johnny Romero, InterSys, LLC. copyright 2020

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