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There is no Cheat Code 🎮⁉️


That’s right; say it out loud. To run a successful business, there is no “Cheat Code”, but there is a Code of Ethics and cheating is not a part of it.

While many entrepreneurs may fantasize of being an overnight success, there’s no way of skipping the first 5 years in business, the failures, the pain experienced (self inflicted or growth related), in order to as the song 🎶 goes “get to the good part”.

For you gamers/entrepreneurs out there, I’ll use the famous Konami code (Contra code) as a metaphor.

Sometimes business is up, up, then down, down. You have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get marching left, right, left, right, Breathe, Adjust, and Start again.

Having a solid Code of Ethics is what will help you navigate and make the right decisions especially in difficult situations.

For example, how do you balance cost 💲 with quality in order to set the right pricing? Especially when being popular may not be profitable and being profitable may not be popular. Now say that ten times fast, just kidding. But, seriously, are you willing to educate others first so that someone may be willing to possibly remunerate you later?

These are just a few examples of foundational guiding principles or a ‘Code of Ethics’ that will determine your identity and longevity as a successful entrepreneur or “gamer”. Once you crack this code, the result is a culture of excellence built upon best practices, a diverse network of the industries finest, and partnerships that are as solid as the code you live by.

This will not happen overnight and it will take many failed attempts. You need to be patient, consistent, and know your value. Be humble and continue to learn from other successful entrepreneurs. Never sacrifice quality over cost.

At InterSys, LLC, we do not cheat or cut corners. We practice what we teach, which is the national standard for language access services, and provide the best interpreters or translators to support our local communities. We take pride in our talent acquisition which is based primarily upon our code of conduct and leading by example.

We have the best clients and we provide the best service in return. We don’t play games, but we win everyday.


Johnny Romero, InterSys, LLC copyright 2023

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